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Coastal Effects Photo Book $50.00

COASTAL EFFECTS by Jon Vaughan is a photographic tribute featuring the spectacular beauty of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. For twenty years, Cape resident, Jon Vaughan, traveled dirt roads, hiked forest trails and combed sandy beaches to photograph the extraordinary moments common to this beautiful peninsula and its neighboring islands. Divided into monthly chapters, this 144 page hardbound book features 86 exquisite color images that depict the diversity of weather, the unique geographical features and the distinctive architecture of a land encompassed by a coastline. The photographer has complemented his images with a poetic introduction, a poignant and witty photographer's statement, a practical discussion on technique, detailed data on each photograph, and 11 diverse essays that express his love for this coastal paradise and his concern for its fragile environment. 144 page hardbound edition

  • 86 color photographs
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Featured in Coastal Living, The Boston Globe, Cape Cod View and Chronicle TV.

When you are encompassed by a coastline, your way of life is dramatically influenced by the sea and its coastal effects. You know the water is at all points of the compass. You are drawn to it daily as if the horizon were a magnet. The closer you come, the more you sense its effects. Saltwater, seaweed and sand flats are smelled before seen.  Weathered  is the natural state of being. Erosion is the natural course of events. The tides tie  you to the cycles of the moon. The winds tie you to the rhythm of the waves. Life and love tie you to the magic of the place. It is the magic of the place that inspires me to photograph. excerpt from Coastal Effects by Jon Vaughan